Course: Take 10 (Minutes to Learn Compression Only CPR)
Length of Course: 10 minutes
Course Description: Take 10 CPR is a nationally recognized program that the City of Georgetown Fire Department is promoting to improve cardiac arrest survival rates. These cardiac arrest survival rates drop dramatically when bystander CPR is not initiated within the first few moments after someone goes into cardiac arrest. This hands only CPR program allows our program coordinators to train large groups of people how to help us save lives in only 10 minutes. The program is free of charge, only takes 10 minutes to learn but does not include a certification card.
Class Cost: Free for City Residents/Businesses
Course Outline:
      • Introduction/Benefits of Learning CPR
      • Personal Safety
      • CPR
To register, please complete the form below.
If you are interested in this 10 minute training for large groups (examples: schools, businesses, churches or places of worship) or need additional information, please email Deputy Fire Marshal Jonathan Gilliam.


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