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The Georgetown City Council passed an ordinance authorizing fire service cost recovery from insurance providers on January 2001.

Georgetown follows the lead of other cities in the area, including: Round Rock, Hutto, Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Pflugerville, Jollyville, and San Angelo. More than 61 fire departments in Central Texas and 266 in the state are recovering costs of service from insurance providers.

The trend of insurance billing is one way for fire departments to maintain services to growing populations whose tax revenues have not kept pace with service demands.

City Ordinance on Fire Billing

Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions for Fire Billing

Our department provides this web page as a resource for answering questions regarding cost recovery for Fire Services.

Why did I receive a bill from the fire department for my vehicle accident?
In an effort to keep emergency services costs down, claims are filed with the insurance company of the responsible party in vehicle incidents. Billing for cost recovery of emergency services is allowed in all states and has been a practice in Georgetown since 2001.

Why did I receive a request for my insurance information from the fire department for my vehicle accident?
If we were unable to obtain your insurance information at the scene of your accident, a request for that information is sent to you. Upon providing the name of your insurance company and your policy number, our billing company will invoice your insurance company directly for cost recovery.

Does the fire department bill for house fires?
There is normally no fee charged for house fires.

Are there other services provided by the fire department that can be billed?
Yes, services such as hazardous materials incidents, vehicle fires, false alarms, commercial structure fires, water rescues, special rescues, unauthorized burning, intentional or negligent fires, and more are subject to cost recovery by the fire department.

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