Georgetown Fire Department

Honor Guard

1025Honorguard with Chief

The mission of the Georgetown Honor Guard is to provide honor, dignity and respect for our fallen brothers and sisters of the fire service and their families. To respect and represent the flags with pride and integrity, while maintaining a commitment to the traditions of the fire service.

The Georgetown Honor Guard was established in March of 2007 with 9 members. Most members have attended the National Honor Guard Academy. It is a weeklong training academy that covers drills, ceremonies, flag etiquette, funeral planning, and the history and traditions of the fire service. Monthly trainings are held to keep drill movements crisp and sharp.

Not only do they honor fallen brothers and sisters of the fire service, they also take care of their families in their time of need. The emotional impact at such a time can be overwhelming. The honor guard has established an action plan that covers all the ceremonial activities and most family needs for fire department funeral services so nothing is overlooked. Georgetown Honor Guard has the resources to provide continued support to the family long after the funeral services. This is provided for our members and any department that needs assistance during their trying time.

In addition to funeral services, the Georgetown Honor Guard participates in memorial services, Posts Colors at special events, march in parades, and attend new station grand openings and assists in planning ceremonies for our members.


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