Georgetown Fire Department

Office of the Fire Chief

Fire Chief John Sullivan

Chief John Sullivan’s emergency services career began in the early 1990’s, in Orlando, Florida where he obtained certification as an EMT. A short time later he moved to Tucson, Arizona and saw his career evolve as the fire service industry broadly embraced Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and the All-Hazard Emergency Response (AHER) model. He spent two decades working within an evolving regionalized response model that permitted emergencies to be addressed by the closest and most appropriate resource, regardless of the jurisdiction. This model proved to be valuable during routine emergencies and the non-routine, mass-casualty or multi-alarm emergency.

Chief Sullivan worked as a line fire fighter and, in 1996, attained his Paramedic certification that was preceded by an earlier promotion to Lieutenant. It was at this time, that he recognized the importance of serving the community and trying to restore balance in the lives of those that call for our help. He also became an active peer-support member of an inter-agency Critical Incident Support Team.

Over the subsequent years, Chief Sullivan’s career accelerated as he pursued his passion for ensuring community and fire fighter safety. This is illustrated through his early involvement in creating a Wellness & Health Program and the associated Incident Safety Officer, Infectious Control Officer, and Peer Fitness Trainer Program to combat the deaths and injuries associated with over-exertion.

Chief Sullivan has worked in various capacities that include Captain, Battalion Chief, Division Chief, and Assistant Chief. Additionally, he directly managed the Fire & Life Safety Division to proactively address community safety through education, plan review, inspection, investigation and enforcement. During his tenure in these various roles, he understood the importance of establishing trust as the core foundation of all relationships. The edict of trust and professionalism guide his day-to-day interactions with his co-workers, family and the community he serves.

Chief Sullivan’s formal education includes a Master of Science & Technology Degree in Fire Service Administration from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. He also possesses two Associates Degrees, one in Fire Science and the other in Paramedicine.

Chief Sullivan is truly humbled by the opportunity to work within the City of Georgetown and to be surrounded by professional co-workers and a community that shares a common goal – to make this the best place to live, work and play. He is committed to keeping the proverbial door open for any and all questions, suggestions, or conversations. An engaged community is a safe community.





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