Georgetown Fire Department

Swift Water Rescue

Georgetown Fire Department takes a pro-active stance when it comes to Swift Water Rescue. Our department currently has 53 Technicians and 10 Operational level personnel with plans to ensure all future recruits will become at least Operational level in this discipline. Most of our staff has been trained in the New Braunfels area. This is where they have been introduced to different swift water scenarios, obstacles and ways to execute a rescue including boat operations.

Our trained personnel are supplied with all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment to perform whatever task comes their way.

We currently have two inflatable rescue boats. One is a 12′ 4″ Achilles with a 20 horse power Honda motor. The other boat is a 15′ 6″ Achilles with a 40 horsepower Evinrude E-tec motor. Both boats are kept on trailers inflated ready to respond in a moment’s notice. Our boats are currently housed at station 1 and station 5.


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