Georgetown Fire Department


The SAFE Team is a diverse group of professionals who care about fire and injury prevention. Our Georgetown Fire Department clowns and characters present fire safety messages in a fun, colorful and captivating show. These interactive shows promote the importance of fire safety and demonstrate how it can be used in emergency situations. The clowns tour around the local schools every October to cover fire safety topics. These topics range from 2 Ways Out, Smoke Alarms, Stop Drop and Roll, Always Be Calm, and 911.


We have also expanded our scope to include stranger danger, bicycle/ pedestrian safety, water safety, and courtesy just to name a few. We are working to expand our services to include an adult/elderly program.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into these programs, and without a love of what we do, and support from our Chief and City Manager, this program would not be a success!


For information on scheduling a SAFE Team show, please contact Deputy Fire Marshal Jonathan Gilliam at (512) 930-8092 or



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