HeartSaver First Aid, CPR & AED Class

Course: HeartSaver First Aid, CPR & AED Class
Length of Course: Six Hours
Course Description: The HeartSaver First Aid, CPR & AED Class is a 6-hour course designed for anyone in the general public (non-healthcare provider) who needs an American Heart Association (AHA) HeartSaver First Aid, CPR & AED certification card. The State of Texas requires employees of day care facilities and certain businesses to have this certification. This is an instructor led class which uses the AHA HeartSaver instructional video along with hands-on skills practice. You will learn how to perform CPR using a pocket mask on adults, children and infants. You will also learn how to use an AED, provide First Aid, and how to manage a choking adult, child and infant. The cost of this course is $60.00 which includes the HeartSaver First Aid, CPR & AED workbook/student manual, pocket mask and certification card.
Classes will be held on a monthly basis, provided a minimum of five students are enrolled prior to 72 hours of the scheduled class time. Class times are 8am-2pm. Please bring your lunch with you to eat during class time, as no break is taken for lunch. 
The first four hours of this class is the Basic Life Support (BLS) class. Participants in the HeartSaver First Aid, CPR & AED class will stay an additional two hours after dismissal of the BLS class.
Class Cost: $60.00 per person
Course Outline:
  • Introduction/Benefits of Learning First Aid
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Personal Safety
  • CAB
  • Introduction/Benefits of Learning CPR
  • CPR
  • AED
  • Choking
  • Good Samaritan Laws
  • Other Emergencies
  • Conclusion
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Please email Lt. Jonathan Gilliam for more information