Georgetown Fire Department

Residential (Controlled) Burn Permits

Residential (Controlled) Burn Permits are needed for the burning of unwanted vegetation, fallen limbs, and leaves, and are locally referred to as “controlled burns.” This type of fire requires an operational permit.

  • A “controlled burn” is allowed within the county of Georgetown’s fire district with issuance of an operational burn permit.

  • Controlled Burn Permits are needed in the Emergency Response District (E.S.D. 8), the county area that Georgetown Fire Department serves.

  • Controlled Burn Permits are not allowed inside the city limits unless the burn is conducted on land with one acre or greater.

  • The fuel load of a controlled burn shall not exceed 5’ in diameter by 7’ in height.

A Controlled Burn Permit ($25.00) is valid for 365 days.

When conducting controlled burns, the key term is “controlled.” Part of being in control is to:
1. Notify the Georgetown 911 Communication Center (512-930-3510) of your burn;
2. Have a water source readily available; and
3. Stay with your burn to supervise it.
Unattended burns are dangerous, not considered as controlled and are a sure “fire” way of having the fire department called to put it out!

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