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 Fire & Life Safety Division

The goal of the Georgetown Fire & Life Safety Division is to decrease the number and severity of fires throughout the Georgetown community. This goal is accomplished through annual fire inspections of businesses, public education programs, fire investigations, and the plan review process.

Fire inspections are conducted to limit the risk of life and property loss. The Fire & Life Safety Division conducts licensed inspections in all daycare facilities, foster homes, and care facilities, as they are required by the State of Texas. Annual business inspections are performed to help prevent fires and reduce liability associated with fire and life safety issues.

The Fire & Life Safety Division offers a variety of public fire education programs that can be tailored to suit individual needs. These programs include, but are not limited to, school programs, business trainings, civic organization presentations, and safety programs for the elderly. The programs include lectures, audio visual presentations, and hands-on experience.

The Fire & Life Safety Division performs plan reviews for new construction/remodels and/or new fire protection equipment. The City of Georgetown is currently using the 2012 International Fire Code with local amendments. Go to Georgetown Fire Code for locally adopted amendments. 2012 Fire Code Amendments.
Please note: We are currently in the process of reviewing and adopting the 2015 Fire Code to support regional consistency.

For a listing of standards related to access gates, Fire Department Connections (FDC), access roads, Knox-Boxes, and fire protection systems, please refer to the Standards page.

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Fire Suppression System: If you are in the process of installing a Fire Suppression System and are looking for the Backflow Prevention Permit form, please visit here.

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